K E L D A  M A R T E N S E N
Let me down easyThe exchangemirror The lowlandsThe outskirts of sleepSorrow of her own construction, 2012Walking underneath simple nests of snowSorrow of her own construction (detail)Come nearLa nuitLe marché aux pucesLe matinOcean for maya linSound over waterThe house is shiftingThe writerShe Sings Loudest InsideTo Build Us A RoomI'll be your closest neighborJohn Robert Parson's studioEnvisioning a place to stayIf we lived hereChasing the SoundWhen We Sing TogetherLa Femme et Les OiseauxA Particular BurdenThe Garden of Lowered EyelidsIn a short time you will be here againThe one who wakens firstConfluenceNorthwest clock, for Donald JuddSatellite, Central OregonStill lifeMontmartreLet the wind in, the thoughts outRowing back to where we cameSun Moon NightMom and Aunt Joanne